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Im App Store von iTunes finden Sie rund Programme, die das iPhone produktiver, sicherer, unterhaltsamer machen sollen. „Computer Bild“ hat die. Die besten Apps iPhone App des Jahres: Spectre Kamera (Lux Optics). Diese KI-basierte App nutzt eine unglaubliche Menge an. Welche iPhone-Apps sind in Deutschland der Renner? Welche schafften Top iPhone-Apps: Die meisten Downloads pro Monat (Dezember ). Wir listen die TopHandys: Das sind die besten Kamera-Smartphones. Wir haben alles nach Kategorien geordnet, daher sollte es leicht zu verdauen sein. BEST APPS KATEGORIEN. • AR und VR (keine Spiele), •. Nicht immer ist die auf dem iPhone vorinstallierte E-Mail-App ausreichend ausgestattet. Wir zeigen zehn Mailing-Apps für iOS, die mit.

Best Rated Iphone Apps

iOS 7 Uplift iPhone. 80 download listen. Iphone 7 Prototype iPhone. Back to top Top Rated iPhone Ringtones. Top 9 Best Ringtone Apps for iPhone in. Im App Store von iTunes finden Sie rund Programme, die das iPhone produktiver, sicherer, unterhaltsamer machen sollen. „Computer Bild“ hat die. Für Android und iOS gibt es zahlreiche verschiedene Blitzer-Apps - einige auch kostenlos. „Piep, piep piep“ und das Display des Handys leuchtet. Probieren Sie es jetzt aus: OKCupid. Quelle: Onavo Mobile Ltd. Excel ist wahrscheinlich die beliebteste Tabellenkalkulations-App der Welt - sie wird in Unternehmen und Schulen weltweit verwendet. Probieren Sie es Statistik Mathe aus: Nahtlos. Probieren Sie es jetzt aus: Grindr. Auf Smartphones erfährt der Artikel ein einheitliches, gut lesbares Layout. This chart shows the daily costs of your Spiele Auf Dem Ipad contract. Möchten Sie über Es verfügt über einen erweiterten Eisprungrechner, einen Menstruationskalender, Combat Arms Download Deutsch Fruchtbarkeitstabelle und einen Perioden-Tracker. Danach können Sie mit einem Abonnement auf Mary Cascino vollständige Headspace-Meditationsbibliothek zugreifen. Quelle: Facebook Inc. Energy Tracker is continuously being further developed and put through its paces with dozens of beta testers. Die Zahl hinter jedem Eintrag verrät, wie viele Staus aktuell vorliegen. Clips ist eine alternative, kostenlose Option.

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Top 10 MUST HAVE iPhone Apps - 2020

The following iPhone apps were either introduced in the past year, got a major update, thanks to a new service looking at you, Apple TV or gained a cultural currency that we hadn't seen previously I mean, The Washington Post has a TikTok channel with hundreds of thousands of followers now , and the CNET staff believed they deserved recognition.

Without further ado, here are the best iPhone apps of the year. Read more: 25 apps that defined the decade. Spectre uses machine learning to take simulated long-exposure photos on your iPhone -- an effect that previously required a DSLR or mirrorless camera.

The app also includes support for the ultrawide camera on the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro. TikTok is a social video app where you can watch people lip-syncing or dancing to songs, or create videos of yourself doing the same.

While it was released in , last year was when TikTok truly went mainstream: In November , the app surpassed 1. TikTok was also the third most-downloaded nongaming app of last year, after WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger -- putting it ahead of the main Facebook app and Instagram, according to mobile intelligence firm Sensor Tower.

It should be noted, however, that TikTok is under investigation from the US government for potential security risks due to its Chinese ownership.

It's also available for Android. Read more: TikTok: What it is and how to use it to possibly achieve internet fame. Its catalog of more than games -- available as downloadable apps for most iOS devices from the service in the App Store -- range from updates of nostalgic favorites like Pac-Man Party Royale and Frogger in Toy Town to puzzle games , mystery games and kid-friendly games.

The app connects you to 3, recipes, with curated recommendations and the ability to personalize what you see. Vegetarians, for example, can make sure that Tasty never serves them up a recipe idea loaded with meat.

Tasty's search tool lets you filter by ingredients, cusisine or even the occasion, and you can save ingredients to a shopping list with a tap.

When it's time to cook, a step-by-step mode makes it easy to follow instructions on your iPhone, without fear that the screen is going to go to sleep right when you're in the middle of mixing something.

Snapchat has grown from its origins as the self-destructing photo messages app, turning into a social media and messaging behemoth that lets you communicate with friends through chat, photos, video calls, and ongoing "stories" of photos and videos that you've posted up throughout the day.

All of these things can be augmented with stickers, filters, and augmented reality effects. In addition to sharing your stories or viewing what your friends have to say, you can check out stories by other content creators and publishers and subscribe to content that you like.

Something of a spiritual successor to Vine, TikTok has become one of the best free iPhone apps by allowing users to view and share short videos of just about anything.

After starting life as the lip-syncing app Musical. YouTube is a cultural phenomenon in its own right, bringing video-sharing to the masses and becoming a repository for everything from viral hits, educational videos, DIY how-to guides, and music and entertainment.

The free iPhone app lets you can take your viewing on the go. YouTube can suggest related content based on the videos you view, and you can subscribe to your favorite channels and content creators so that you'll never miss out on your favorite videos, whether it's about tech, music, or the latest viral craze.

Why spend a ton of money on ebooks if your local library already has a digital media lending system?

Libby is the latest incarnation of Overdrive's popular digital media management system, allowing users to borrow ebooks and audiobooks from participating libraries.

Simply sign in with your library card and then you can browse your library's digital media collection, allowing you to search for titles, set holds, borrow ebooks and audiobooks with a tap, and return or extend a lend just as easily.

You can preview books from the app, downloading borrowed titles or streaming them to your iPhone or iPad if you prefer to save space.

Up your selfie game with Facetune 2, one of the best free iPhone apps for photo editing. Focused on making you and your friends look like your absolute best in your mobile photos, Facetune 2 comes with tools to brighten teeth, smooth out skin blemishes, and blot away shine.

Users can tweak saturation, lighting, shadows, and glare. A Compare tool lets you take a look at before and after views of your photos.

In addition, Facetune 2 includes a "magic camera" that can apply live feature tweaks and filters that you can see on screen as you shoot.

The app comes with free tools, with more available through a subscription or via in-app purchases. On its face, Tinder encourages you to make shallow, snap judgments about potential partners.

You create a simple profile with a handful of photos and a few sentences about yourself, then throw yourself at the Internet's mercy. The app displays singles in your area.

If you like one, swipe the photo to the right; otherwise, swipe to the left. If you both swipe right, you can send messages and set something up.

Tinder continues to tinker with its formula, with recent additions including a looping video feature and a geolocation-based Places to find matches who share your hangouts.

Tinder's parent company has also started adding safety features for when you meet with would-be romances in real life.

If Tinder's not your style, you can check out our round-up of the best dating apps for mobile devices. As one of the best running apps for mobile phones, Strava Running and Cycling adds some pretty neat competitive and gamified features to the usual run-tracking features.

The free app records your running speed, distance traveled, time and course taken, and combines all that with leaderboards, achievements and challenges, as you race against your friends.

Strava supports a variety of running trackers in addition to the Apple Watch. A premium subscription tier, Strava Summit, provides customizable training and workout plans as well as deeper metrics into your exercise performance if you opt to upgrade, but the basic version offers enough to make it one of the best free iPhone apps for runners.

Think newspapers, newsletters, and coupons from stores, as well as savings tools and sites like Ibotta, Target, Cartwheel, Savingstar, and Coupons.

Users can track individual brands and retailers and filter deals. KCL also comes with tutorials and savings tips to help you save money as you take care of your shopping.

Dropbox is a cloud storage pioneer, helping popularize the online storage of your files, photos, music and documents for easy access on any device wherever you go.

Users get at least 2GB of cloud storage for their files and photos, with syncing and offline access settings allowing you to always access your most important files.

File sharing lets you send files to others including people without Dropbox accounts , and shared folders let you work collaboratively on your files.

There's even a handy photo scanner mode that lets you take snapshots of everything from receipts to whiteboards in order to save them as PDFs.

Acrobat Reader takes the ubiquitous PDF file format mobile with its iOS app, allowing you to read ebooks, comics, and documents with equal aplomb.

In addition to its reader features, this free iPhone app also includes annotation tools allowing you to add comments, sticky notes, and highlights.

There's also support for fillable text fields and electronic signatures, allowing you to sign important documents with your fingertip or an Apple Pencil if you're using the app on an iPad Pro.

Premium subscribers can get even more out of the app, with options for PDF creation and editing, exporting PDFs to Word or Excel formats, and other pro tools.

Busy people often forget daily tasks and chores, but Any. This entry to our collection of best free iPhone apps lets you sync between phone, desktop, web, and tablet to keep your lists up to the minute.

A voice-entry feature lets you add items to your task list just by speaking. Calendar integration is available for better task list management.

Further enhance your productivity with cross-platform support for sub-tasks, notes, and file attachments. AccuWeather provides users with timely and detailed weather forecasts, from day outlooks to the hyperlocal MinuteCasts.

Forecasts come with animated weather info, radar maps, and detailed forecast summaries. Extra features in this best weather app include AccUcast, a system for crowd-sourced warnings on hazardous weather and road conditions, as well as customizable forecast details, weather-related videos, and Apple Watch support so that you can get forecast info at a glance.

If you're taking the wheel yourself, you might want a more focused navigation app that's all about finding the fastest, most efficient driving route.

Waze feeds your iPhone real-time traffic information, based on reports from other Waze users. That data includes accidents, speed traps and other hazards that might keep you from getting to your destination in a timely fashion.

Other features sure to impress travelers include automatic rerouting, cheap gas alerts and the ability to send your ETA to anyone waiting at your final stop.

Online TV and movie streaming used to be simple: go to Netflix for almost everything. But as the online video streaming market becomes increasingly fragmented and producers and networks scramble for exclusives to make their own streaming service stand out, it can be a pain keeping track of where to go to watch a particular show or movie series.

You can search for a particular series or browse through what's new. What Is Retinol? A Beginner's Guide.

Getty Images. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. NASA App. Star Walk 2. Vito Technology Inc. SkyView Lite. Terminal Eleven LLC. Star Chart.

Escape Velocity Limited. Simulation Curriculum Corp. Solar Walk. Bluestreak Labs. Sky Map. Sky Map Devs. Harshad RJ. Star and Planet Finder.

Nir Alperovitch. GoSkyWatch Planetarium. Pocket Universe.

Best Rated Iphone Apps Quelle: Karin Mueller. Download Star Stable können auch Fotos, Videos und Sprachnachrichten senden. Sie erhalten 2 GB Speicherplatz kostenlos zum Starten. The chart shows you the absolute consumption per quarter. The color graduation makes it easy to compare the previous years. Die Gratis-App findet für iPhone, iPad und Android-Nutzer die günstigsten Preise — inklusive praktischer Einstellungen, etwa einer Umkreissuche mit Standortbestimmung und natürlich einer übersichtlichen Buchungsfunktion. Oder verwenden Sie es, um O Fakes Erfahrungen Anzeigen und Memes von Einmischern anzuzeigen, die Propaganda verbreiten. Sie können alle Ihre E-Books herunterladen und überall hin mitnehmen. Die App kommt mit allen gängigen Formaten zurecht. Mit dieser eleganten digitalen Notizbuch-App zeichnet und Gute Spiele Im Play Store man und die Bleistifte, Marker und mehr wurden akribisch auf die Nachahmung der Originale abgestimmt. Quelle: Most Sure Bets. Wie Acorns ist es für Anfänger gedacht, die kaufen und handeln möchten. Die Standorte, an denen Blitzer fest installiert sind, ändern sich nur selten. Apple hat zum Jahresende mal wieder die besten und beliebtesten Apps aus den unterschiedlichen Stores bekannt gegeben. iOS 7 Uplift iPhone. 80 download listen. Iphone 7 Prototype iPhone. Back to top Top Rated iPhone Ringtones. Top 9 Best Ringtone Apps for iPhone in. Für Android und iOS gibt es zahlreiche verschiedene Blitzer-Apps - einige auch kostenlos. „Piep, piep piep“ und das Display des Handys leuchtet. This is by far the best app you could get. I've tried a lot of energy apps but with this app everything is possible. Also the reports are very detailed. With v6 even. Alle Jahre wieder kürt Apple seine Top-Spiele-Apps – auch Die meistverkauften, meistgeladenen und besten Games für iOS, hier! Waiting around for public transportation is never fun, but Transit helps make it a little bit easier. It calculates a way around traffic problems, if possible. Unfold provides a clean and easy-to-use creative tool for producing slick and polished Instagram Stories-ready presentations. Now playing: Watch this: Disney Plus streaming app is fun and full of rich content. Keep reading for 10 of top-rated yoga apps on Apple iTunes right now. United States. Strava supports a variety of running Casino Games Uk in addition to Bugatti Games Apple Watch. CNET editors pick the products and services we write about. Although Gaia GPS started life as a backpacking appit Merkur Hotel Trier to all types of outdoor recreational activities.

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Signal verwendet für jede Nachricht ein erweitertes End-to-End-Verschlüsselungsprotokoll. Probieren Sie es jetzt aus: YouTube. Sky Scanner: Mit welcher Fluglinie komme Casino Cruise Bonus Ohne Einzahlung am günstigsten zum Ziel? Es bietet verschiedene mit unterschiedlichen Schwierigkeitsgraden und hilft Ihnen, alle Posen zu lernen. Diese App hat mehr als Suchen Sie nicht weiter. Probieren Sie es jetzt aus: Dark Sky.

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