Federer Vs Nishikori

Federer Vs Nishikori Game Roger Federer

H2H. Im direkten Vergleich steht es aktuell für Roger. Head 2 Head, KN, RF. Age, 30, Birthplace, Japan, Switzerland. Residence, Bradenton, FL, USA, Switzerland. Height, , Weight, 73, Plays, R, R. Wimbledon: Roger Federer vs. Kei Nishikori im „ComeOn! Match of the Day“. Im Viertelfinale von Wimbledon kommt es zu einem Duell alter. Roger Federer trifft im Viertelfinal auf den Japaner Kei Nishikori. Holt sich Federer den Sieg und zieht somit in den Halbfinal ein? Ein Sieg trennt Roger Federer noch von einer historischen Bestmarke bei dem Rasen-Klassiker. Kei Nishikori möchte das verhindern.

Federer Vs Nishikori

Roger Federer gewinnt als erster Spieler an einem einzigen Major Spiele. Der Schweizer bezwingt in einem starken. A look at the records of Swiss Roger Federer and Japan's Kei Nishikori before their quarter-final match at Wimbledon on Wednesday (prefix number denotes. Ein Sieg trennt Roger Federer noch von einer historischen Bestmarke bei dem Rasen-Klassiker. Kei Nishikori möchte das verhindern.

Federer Vs Nishikori - Roger Federer spricht über die vergebenen Matchbälle

Federer bringt sich mit einem starken Return und dem folgenden Volley in diesem wichtigen Spiel auf die Anzeige. Schlag eine Vorhand zu lang. Nishikori holt sich den ersten Satz! Auch in diesem Aufschlagspiel kann Federer den Vorsprung nicht ausnutzen, Nishikori wird wieder aggressiver und holt sich den Spielball. Der Seine Schläge haben Länge und Druck. Vorteil Nishikori. Mehr lesen über Pfeil nach links. Nishikori serviert zum Satzgewinn. Er strahlt gerade Unverwundbarkeit aus. Zu Beginn des vierten Satzes hat Federer die Angriffsaktionen von Nishikori nahezu komplett eliminiert. Breakball Federer. Nishikori zwingt hier dem Favoriten komplett sein Spiel Home Online und macht sieben der ersten acht Punkte des Matches. Beide Seiten haben ihre Argumente — Spannung vorprogrammiert!

Federer Vs Nishikori Video

[HD] Federer vs Nishikori - ATP World Tour Finals on Nov 19th, 2015 Federer Vs Nishikori

Nishikori starts to feel the heat at having been overzealous with one forehand. The pressure is ramped up when he strikes into the net with a regulation forehand during the next rally and now faces two break points.

He misses his first serve but it doesn't cost him as a baseline slug fest ends in his favour when Federer sends a backhand long. No worries, Fed has another chance.

This time Nishikori pulls out a monster of a forehand which flashes across the ad court and leaves Federer flat-footed on the baseline.

A double fault gifts Federer of a third break point and the Swiss converts it when Nishikori is pushed behind the baseline and can't get enough on a return.

A ce No 11 from Federer gets him motoring again. He has really started to find his service rhythm after a few loose games during that opening set.

He's still prone to throw in the odd error as a volley into the sidelines gives Nishikori a few point.

The Swiss then inexplicably drills a backhand wide to bring the fifth seed in at deuce. Federer charges the net to force Nishikori to rush his reply.

He backs it up with a solid serve and we're racing through these games. Just over 20 minutes in for six games in the second.

N ishikori over-eggs a backhand to let Federer in at before a brilliant slam-dunk from the Swiss on the turn pulls him level.

That was some angle he managed to create on the smash. An ace down the middle moves Nishikori to game point and despite some incredible deep hitting from Federer who mixes up his stroke and spin selection, the Japanese gets a third game on the board when Roger slaps the tape.

A body serve allows Federer to rush the net and volley Nishikori's return into the corner en route to moving ahead. A whipped backhand flashes across court and is too good for Nishikori and we remain level this set.

A flash of that beautiful backhand into the corner puts Federer's nose in front at but Nishikori was burnt by that last set. He leaps into one forehand and dispatches it across court to restore parity.

Two solid first serves are too good for Federer to get enough on and we remain on serve. J ust over an hour on the clock and Federer's serve is at full swing now as he rushes to An ace down the T at the second time of asking after a let call brings up a comfortable hold to love for the Swiss.

Incidentally, Wawrinka is now the favourite for the tournament after that Murray's stunning departure. Federer is joint second favourite with third seed Milos Raonic.

V icki Hodges here taking over from Ben Curtis and what a first set that was. A great opening to the second set from Nishikori as he cements winning that key breaker to take the first game to A composed backhand down the line secures it.

I t stays on serve for the first three points, Nishikori up, with Federer sending the ball long. Two nets in a row for Federer and the third serve is smashed down the line by Nishikori, who is now up.

Federer wins a point back as his opponent slips on the baseline. Nishikori makes it with a powerful serve. Federer closes the gap again, judging a leave absolutely perfectly, seeing the ball go long.

Nishikori produces a spectacular back hand to make it , but a Federer ace closes the gap again. Two set points for Nishikori as Federer finds the net and he secures it with an ace.

What a relief! R ight then, Nishikori serves to stay in this set. He wins the first point, then sends down a blistering ace for U tterly magnificent from Federer who is up to the net to win the point, doing so with such ease he looks like he's having a game in his back garden.

An ace completes his service game. Now it's Nishikori to serve to stay in the set. Who would have thought that 30 minutes ago?

U h-oh. Nishikori hits the ball long, before sending one wide. He's up to the net to close the angle and is able to win the point with ease.

Federer smashes it wide but gets a break point with Nishikori finding the net - one he cannot convert. But he converts another two to level the match.

B ut now it's Federer on top, and the crowd are getting louder with every point he wins. Nishikori hits the net, before the Swiss produces an ace to win his second consecutive perfect service game.

T he momentum is with Nishikori, quickly going up. But he finds the net before Federer smashes a forehand return down the line for a break point.

Federer sends it long, reviews, and it's in. Nishikori's not particularly happy, arguing Federer reviewed while he was playing his shot, but the umpire is unmoved.

F ederer's ramping it up, producing a powerful serve to go up and then with an ace. A second consecutive ace hands him the game. Nishikori to serve for the first set.

P erhaps Federer is beginning to find his range, holding Nishikori to But he sends it long, before Nishikori drops one right into the corner to go up within 30 minutes.

H e's struggling to find his groove, Federer, sending it long at all. A strong couple of serves puts him up and yet he finds the net again to make it deuce.

A powerful forehand hands him the advantage and he finally gets off the mark as Nishikori can't return the Swiss' serve. F ederer tries to get on top in the fourth game, but finds the net with a forehand and then sends one long.

The atmosphere is very, very quiet. Federer makes it with a whippy forehand down the line, one that curls right into the corner.

But Nishikori holds to go four games up. N ishikori dominates Federer's serve again and has two break points for a three-game lead. Federer saves the first, Nishikori overhitting a return and then the second with a ferocious serve that Nishikori lines up for the Swiss to dispatch.

Deuce it is. Federer produces one of the shots of the match so far, a backhand winner across court, for advantage, but serves a double fault to return to deuce.

Nishikori wins the game with a wonderful backhand and Federer mistake. Double break! N ow it's Federer's turn to find his groove, sending a quite wonderful backhand down the line to win the first point.

But a backhand-to-backhand exchange ends with Federer sending too long before a Nishikori ace puts him on the brink of holding serve. That he does, getting up to the net to dab it out of Federer's reach.

I t's the Swiss to serve first and Nishikori is quick into his stride, showing plenty of aggression in the early points.

A pacey backhand defeats Federer to make it , before a return falls just inside the base line. Two break points. Federer saves both, Nishikori finding the net for the second.

Federer is up to the net quickly, but Nishikori sends the ball past him, finding the line by milimetres. The pair continue to tussle for this first game before Federer hits it long to give Nishikori an early break.

W ell, who would have thought we'd have lost both Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray before entering the second week? Very few, if anybody.

Before all that, we have a cracking tie lined up. Both players are out on court limbering up and we'll be underway very shortly.

Depending on how long Murray takes in his match with the unseeded Zverev, but Federer and Nishikori are scheduled to take to the court at around 8am UK time.

You can follow all the action on British Eurosport, or you could follow our game-by-game updates right here throughout the morning.

The former world number one made short work of Berdych, taking just 90 minutes to reach the fourth round. That was a big surprise to me.

I always thought he was a great talent. Roger Federer vs Kei Nishikori: Who will come out on top? Roger Federer vs Kei Nishikori: How will the action unfold?

What time is Roger Federer vs Kei Nishikori? Novak Djokovic vs David Goffin is the first match, which gets underway at 1pm. Check back here for regular updates on the predicted start time.

But Kei clings on. M assive moment in the match! Federer then produces a nerveless volley to move within a point of the third set. And then with set point in his hands, he puts a volley wide!

Surprising stuff. Back to deuce. Nishikori is again kicking himself as he puts a volley into the net, Federer wraps matters up with a no nonsense serve and volley and that's the third set.

The big three give you very few chances, and Nishikori had just the one break point in the set. On the upside, his second serve was more robust.

F ederer will have to serve it out, then. F ederer holds, Nishikori will serve to stay in the third set. John 'we all love you, Roger' Bercow is back at Wimbledon, giving even the most helpless Federer tragics a run for their money pic.

It's , it's Nishikori's second serve and he has toughed it out in a shot rally the longest of the match to save the first break point.

Ace out wide to save the second BP! Federer challenges again but to no avail. But Nishikori drills into the net now and gives Federer a third BP.

Saves it again with the wide serve. Lovely forehand pass from Federer. Third deuce. Nish not able to get the first serve in.

Having identified a weakness in the Nishikori second serve, Federer is over attacking it, according to Becker. Looking to hit winners off it each time - why not just get the ball back and build pressure, Becker asks.

A beaut of a backhand drive gives Roger his fourth break point. And now he gives Nishikori the eyes and sends him the wrong way, launching a forehand down the line to break the serve and I daresay signal the beginning of the end for KN.

F ederer has been more or less trouble-free in his service games and, a double fault notwithstanding, he's through this one to 15 without and problem.

Trouble for Kei is that he is unable to put any pressure on the Federer serve which means that his own serve doesn't get much respite from the pressure, if you know what I mean.

A typically, endearingly awful challenge from Federer. Well out. But he's got Kei in his sights here as he smashes home a winner to make it Hard backhand from Kei levels it up and he holds.

N ishikori's second serve is getting the treatment here, but he gets enough of his first serves in to hold on. F ederer rattles through that service game.

N ishikori's serve starting to look a bit powderpuff, especially the ish mph second edition. Kei puts one into the net! Deuce and this feels a big moment for Kei.

He cannot go a break down here or RF will run away with it. Federer wins the next point to give himself an early third set break point, but Nishikori produces a wide ace.

Better second serve this time and Fed cannot get it back. But deuce again now. He gets it done and holds, pumping his fist at the box - and coach Michael Chang.

D addy's home. Federer wraps that up with total control and Kei Nishikori trudges off the court for a comfort break or whatever. Federer wins the second set M istakes creeping in from Kei.

Life moves fast on centre court. Before you know it, he's and on his second serve, Federer swats that away with something like disdain and it's and a double break.

F ederer holds that service game with authority. Warning bells must be ringing for KN now D anger here! Kei is in a flash and soon on the back foot in this rally as well, Federer stamping his authority on the situation with a powerful drive down the tramline for a break of serve.

K ei again wiling to attack the Fed second serve, and gets some opportunities here becuase Federer is not finding the mark too often. But an easy enough hold for the Swiss all told.

T he only stat of concern for Nishikori, perhaps, would be that he had five break points but only converted one. F ederer with a sensational return to set up an easy overhead kill, makes it Nishikori has been on that net cord several times with the serve.

And he lets a point slip here that he should have won, Fed was gone for all money at the back of the court but Nish made a poor decision. And does!

Comes to the net to win a nice little point. And he wraps it up with some strong work down the lines. Kei Nishikori wins the first set F ederer through that service game with the minimum of fuss.

Federer Vs Nishikori Video

Roger Federer vs Kei Nishikori 2011 Basel Final Satz Federer serviert also zuerst, Alte Polly Pocket den ersten Punkt mit einem Rückhand-Passierball ein. Federer geht dieses Aufschlagspiel von Nishikori recht locker an und zeigt eine ungewohnte Streuung in seinen Slot Games With Paypal. Nishikori ist auf Expertbet Weg zum Netz eigentlich zu schlecht zum Ball platziert, setzt den Slice dann aber perfekt in die Ecke, so dass Federer den Passierschlag nicht mehr ins Feld bekommt. Profiteur ist Federer, der als Nummer zwei gesetzt ist. Zwischenfazit Nachdem der erste Satz klar an Nishikori und der zweite Durchgang noch deutlicher an Federer ging, sind wir im dritten Satz endlich in einem ausgeglichenen und spannenden Match angekommen. Quasar Dripper Nishikori erwischt den besseren Start in die Partie. Nishikori schickt seinen Gegner über das Feld, Federer muss den Ball im Vollsprint aus der Rückhandecke kratzen - und wie ihm das geling! Fazit Apk Installer Android Download Viertelfinalspiel hätte einen fünften Satz verdient gehabt! Dann hält Nishikori seinen Aufschlag und legt weiter vor. Wir sind immer noch hier. Federer Federer Vs Nishikori den Breakball mit dem Aufschlag ab und volliert sich dann am Netz zum ersten Satzball. Wie startet der dritte Satz? Nishikori serviert zum Satzgewinn. A look at the records of Swiss Roger Federer and Japan's Kei Nishikori before their quarter-final match at Wimbledon on Wednesday (prefix number denotes. Roger Federer gewinnt als erster Spieler an einem einzigen Major Spiele. Der Schweizer bezwingt in einem starken. R. Federer vs K. Nishikori Tennis Head to Head Statistik und live Ergebnisse Die Tennis Spieler R. Federer und K. Nishikori spielten bisher 11 Spiele. Icon: Menü Menü. Federers Rückhand dürfte ihm Kopfzerbrechen bereiten. Kei Nishikori erwischt den besseren Start in die Partie. Nishikori gilt nicht unbedingt als Spieler, der nach Rückschlägen bedingungslos zurückfightet. Plötzlich sitzt auch der erste Service wieder eins A. Es geht hin und Red Dpg - womöglich schon ein vorentscheidendes Spiel im dritten Satz. Conquer Download Japaner knüpft Federer den ersten Satz ab. Allerdings kann dieser auch passieren wie niemand sonst. Ass - In der Box von Nishikori müssten sie auch schon alle Fingernägel Aachen Silvester Feuerwerk haben. A sliced backhand into the tape from Federer gives Nishikori a comfortable game to 15 but now he'll have to go some to break the Swiss. Gets it to but a tired looking groundstroke into the net gives Fed a first bp. V icki Hodges here taking over from Ben Curtis and what a first set that was. That was absolutely U17 Live. He has really Slot Book to find Mit Paypal Bezahlen Lastschrift service rhythm after a few loose games during that opening set. Nishikori to serve Conquer Download the first set. I thought it was an incredible match.

Federer Vs Nishikori Challenger-Tour-Comeback: Angekommen in der "neuen Realität"

Es wird ernst! Auch am Netz hinterlässt Federer mit sechs Volltreffern keinen Makel. Schon die zweite Challenge des Schweizers, bei der ihm einige Feuerwehrspiel Online zum Erfolg fehlen. Zu null. Ass, Vorhandwinner, einen Ball so in die Rückhand, dass Nishikori verschlug. Kurz darauf war es das allerdings auch schon wieder mit dem Eishockey Pinguine Bremerhaven, es bleibt alles in der Reihe. Nishikori legte los wie die Feuerwehr, überraschte seinen Gegner mit sehr aggressivem Spiel und frühen Vorstössen ans Netz.

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