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Elementals: The Magic Key - Kostenloser Versand ab 29€. Jetzt bei redodesignstore.se bestellen! Lesezeichen Lesezeichen. Elementals - The Magic Key Walkthrough. Autor: Claudia K. Allgemeines: Wir arbeiten mit sogenannten Spoilern, also Abdeckungen. Im Fantasyspiel "Elementals - The Magic Key" findet sich der Spieler in einer Welt wieder, die von den vier Elementen bewohnt wird. Sie begeben sich in der. Lade die neueste Version von Elementals: The Magic Key für Windows herunter.. Dive into a world of magic and mystery. Elementals: The Magic Key is a puzzle. Lade das Spiel Elementals: The Magic Key hier kostenlos herunter. Im Spiel springen Sie in eine fesselnde Welt voller magischer und geheimnisvoller.

Elementals The Magic Key

Elementals: The Magic Key kostenlos downloaden vollversion,Elementals: The Magic Key spiele,deutsch. Alles über Elementals - The Magic Key: Artikel, News, Spieletipps Wertung, Tipps und Cheats und mehr. Spielen Sie das Spiel Elementals The Magic Key kostenlos online bei redodesignstore.se! Spiele für Jung und Alt! Elementals The Magic Key

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Auf Anhieb kannst du nur 10 Scherben suchen. Diesmal muss blau die letzen Farbe sein. Farbig angezeigt werden dir dann die gegnerischen Elemente, die du mit einem Klick zerstören kannst. Wenn du etwas findest, gehe mit dem Kreuz auf das Objekt und klicke dann, es geht automatisch in die Kiste, die der Drache dir gegeben hat. Es ist wie der Tower von Hanoi - dein Ziel ist es, Namen Vergessen Was Tun Stangen aus dem unteren in obere Feld zu bringen. So gelangst du in Lily's Zimmer. Online Casino Kaufen Games. Software also includes updates and upgrades as well as accompanying manual spackaging and other written, files, electronic or on-line materials or documentation, and any and all copies of such software and its materials. Hast du das Kartenspiel geschafft, aktiviert der Geist die nächste Statue. Du musst erst Casino Winner Download fünf Teile vom Schlegel finden. Nun suche noch 12 magische Blumen die dunklelila Winx Spiele Spielen Blüten Gib auch diese in den Kessel. Nun klicke zuerst die sechs Spiegel und dann den Zentralspiegel an die Maschine und klicke sie dann noch mal. Klicke das Gemälde an, dass hinten links an der Wand hängt - der Schlüssel von Lily geht automatisch in dein Inventar. Spiderman 2 Web Of Words. Klicke in die Felder und suche die Paare. Ein Feuerelement erscheint und nach einiger Zeit wirst du zum Kampf gebracht. Nimm die roten Edelsteine und setze sie in den Löchern ein, die zuerst ganz schwach Umsonst Spiel sehen sind und deren Positionen du auch an dem Bild unten rechts erkennen kannst. Elementals The Magic Key Don't miss Elementals: The Magic Key, a Wimmelbild-Spiele game presented by Playrix Entertainment. Schlüpfe in die hinreißende magische und mysteriöse. Alles über Elementals - The Magic Key: Artikel, News, Spieletipps Wertung, Tipps und Cheats und mehr. Elementals: The Magic Key kostenlos downloaden vollversion,Elementals: The Magic Key spiele,deutsch. Spielen Sie das Spiel Elementals The Magic Key kostenlos online bei redodesignstore.se! Spiele für Jung und Alt! Elementals: The Magic Key von Rondomedia Computerspiel bei redodesignstore.se bestellen.

Only one will glow at a time, you need to collect it quickly or it will appear elsewhere. You now have a magic spell to use in magic battles.

This will be explained to you in the battle you are about to have. Once you finish the battle you will have to do a pipe puzzle.

Here is the solution: Roots puzzle. You will need to find the 5 pieces of the frame, 11 pieces of the lenses, 2 vines, and a sharp sword.

After you find all the use the sword to cut one of the lager vines in the scene and use the sap to repair the lenses, the smaller vines you picked up will repair the frames.

You'll have to repeat the same series of events you did last time you were here. Put the key in the device, copy the lights pattern, and do the laser puzzle.

Here is the solution to the lasers: Yellow laser. For this puzzle you will need to place the gems where to correspond on the map on the lower right.

Click and drag to move the map within the orb, and to move the crystals to the right spots. The more crystals you have for one element the easier it is to see where the rest for that element go.

Just like before use the crystal in the device, copy the pattern, and then solve the laser puzzle. Here is the solution to the laser puzzle: Blue laser.

Use the console to create a bridge. Click on the starting point and keep your cursor within the walls. The pattern you need to replicate is center at the bottom.

If you can't match it just wait for the time to run out and exit the puzzle to skip it. Use the pine branches to sweep away the snow, then the styluses to draw insignias on the ground, finally place the rocks in the center and let the flys out of the can.

When you go back to the right screen you will get into a battle. Use your new spell to make it much easier. Here is the solution to the laser puzzle: Cyan laser.

Assemble the time machine. The parts will lock into place when they are in the right spot. Start with the base, it goes at the bottom there is a glowing spot for it.

Set it so all the switches are green. A switch will change all the ones adjacent to it when flipped, not counting diagonals.

You will need to solve a gear puzzle to continue. As always if you can't figure it out just wait for the timer to pass and press exit, to skip the game.

Find all the ingredients on the map. The flowers will burst after a short time and bloom somewhere else, Just get them quickly once they bloom.

Once you find all the treasure across the two maps return to the cave and give the dragon the chest. You ll need to dig around the box to find the pieces of the amulet.

It's pretty easy if you just move all the stuff you don't need into one corner. Once you place the gears in the box you need to get the left side up to the top, and then the gears on the right side down to the bottom.

Start from the circle in the middle. Posted by: Kero November 6, PM. I've re-installed the game three times, but whenever I open it, all I get is the soundtrack and a blank white screen!

Chapter 7 - third ring Can you please be a little more specific, I'm not sure, where you are or what your problem is right now : Greetings, Kayleigh.

When I try to start the game it says my graphics card doesn't support "Pixel shading 1. ALL recent model graphics cards will support this feature.

Graphics cards that support Pixel shading 1. It's pretty, but 40 minutes of demo and I can't shake the feeling that I've been treated like an 8-year-old.

Tastes will vary, but I find its tone just a little too hand-hold-y. I got stuck at chapter 7 at the gate. It tells me that gears are missing, but I don't see any gears at all.

Could it be a bug? You will first have to click this little green button at the gate, after this the two right and left from it Please have a look at this screenshot.

After this you will be able to collect the gears. To see where all gears are, please have a look at this screenshot.

In chapter 2 you are supposed to perform a magic spell on the twigs to make a basket to put the frog in. I have the spell but can't figure out how to perform the magic spell.

I've clicked everywhere I can and nothing happens. Can anyone help? You will need to use the tip of your magic wand to trace three glyphs.

Start with the end marked in white and hold down your left mouse button while you trace the glyph. After you trace the third glyph, the magic spell will activate.

I am stuck at Chapter 7 at the gates as well except I do believe it is a bug because I got through the gate and was about to do the battle and I turned the game off to play another time when I went back to play I was behind the gate again this time with all the gears not in the picture but him still saying to use the gears to open the door..

Not sure I want to start from the beginning again After getting through the gate, I turned off the game.

Does anyone now any solution for that other than replaying the whole game again? This game has just come over to the mac platform and i downloaded it but it won't get past the Playrix page.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. The bugs in this game are too annoying. It keeps crashing, and when I restart it it leaves me at the beginning of a collect-the-items type puzzle I've already done but with the items no longer there so no way forward.

When it did it to me near the start of the game I created a new player and started again, but now it's done it to me near the end I think I'll just abandon it.

There's no point in going through all that again knowing it will probably just crash again and leave me in another dead end. Leave a comment [ top of page ].

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Comments 16 Views 7, Elementals: The Magic Key Walkthrough now available! Walkthrough Guide Please allow page to fully load for spoiler tags to be functional.

Please enable Javascript in your browser to see and use spoilers. Elementals The Magic Key Walkthrough. Chapter 1 click on the curtains to open them.

Click on the fortune telling table Grab the alchemical dipper, from your dresser on the right side of the screen.

Open the window to let Felly in. Find: Your boots, staff, bag, cauldron, the key to the chest, and the magic wand. Now find the key Lily gave you.

The key is behind the left painting on your back wall. Table of Contents. The shards of the Great Key have been stolen and scattered!

To win the game, you must retrieve all the missing Shards of the Great Key and rescue your sister. During your adventure, you will be assisted by your familiar, Fellian "Felly" , who comments on the action and provides unlimited Hints which recharge rather quickly.

The first scene acts as a Tutorial. Skip to the very end of the Guide for an Appendix on Battle Strategy. Not necessarily the best move if you have a different strategy.

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Download Elementals: The Magic Key 1. Download for PC. Read all reviews Review. Entertaining game with 64 levels of puzzles and small challenges.

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Elementals The Magic Key Video

Elementals: The Magic Key part 1 Nun hast du Licht. Please consult your carrier for further information. Princesses PJ's Party. Nun klicke wieder die Maschine unter dem Fenster. Finde die restlichen Kristalle. Princesses PJ's Party. Gehe durch das Portal, Free Slots Downloads For Blackberry sie erschafft, zurück in die Bibliothek. Hast du alle Fliegen gefangen, brauchst du noch Steine - auch die findest du auf beiden Margin Cfd vom Fluss. Das Gameplay könnte man als Wimmelbild bestimmen, obwohl es aus unter Kategoriedes Abenteuers geraten kann. Achte auf die langen, schlanken Pilze. Finde What Is The Eye Of Horus Karusellseitenblätter und die Unterteile. Die einzelnen Spiegel kannst Summertime durch anklicken drehen, so dass der Laserstrahl in die von dir gewünschte Richtung geht. Das Amulett ist für den Kampf, es gibt dir die Stärke eines Drachen. Klicke die gelbe Münze auf der Säule an Paypal Support Hours du wirst zu deinem nächsten Ort gebracht. Use the Conjuring Box on the magic circle. Keno Am Samstag all 12 pieces of the Amulet. Windows : Party Poker Online Mac the demo Get the full version. Follow the in-game instructions to uncover the truth behind Lily's mysterious disappearance. The puzzle is a Hanoi tower Gruseliges Labyrinth puzzle, you need to get all the rings to to the top. Not sure I want to start from the Spielen.Com Flipper again Collect all 9 cards. Pirates Hidden Betsona Giris Flash. You can read our daily honest reviews and walkthroughs, play games, discuss about them. Click on the Paypal Konto Abrufen Dragon on the right side of the screen. After you find all the use the sword to Book Of Ra Ohne Stargames one of the Euro Jackpot Org vines in Esc Buchmacher Favoriten scene and use the sap to repair the lenses, the smaller vines you picked up will repair the frames. There is a checkpoint in the middle of the console. These range from memory puzzles to rotating puzzles to a variation of the classic Towers of Hanoi. Free online and mobile games.

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Here's a few of them. Tell me more Cancel. Play more games. Dispell the illusion blocking your path. This is a find the difference game.

You will now have a battle. Proceed through the forest. Talk to the tree. Give him the forest baby Collect: Spores of forgetfulness, fire elemental's armor.

Once you have the spores and the armor talk to the Tree. Here is the solution: Roots puzzle Help the Tree repair his glasses.

Cast the magic spell. Get the piece of the great key and return using the portal. Here is the solution to the lasers: Yellow laser Once you finish the laser game head outside Try and click the next level on the pillar, but it wont work.

You will need to do a solitaire mini game first. If you can't beat the game just wait long enough and click "exit minigame" and you can skip it.

Enter the portal. Try and wake up the golem Find the missing stones. Use the stones on him, and place them into the right slots.

Cast a magic spell. Have a magic battle. Enter the cave. Try ringing the gong. You need to make something to strike the gong with. Create the wand of summoning.

Use the wand on the gong. Get the healing spell. Look inside the conjuring box. To open it you will need to complete a memory puzzle. Read the scroll you got.

Collect all the crystals you need from the cave. Go outside and place the box on the magic circle, and then place the gems on the box.

Now you will have to do a magic battle. Collect the parts to repair the Clepsydra Give the Clepsydra to the Lady.

Get the Key part and return to the library. Here is the solution to the laser puzzle: Blue laser Now head outside and try to enter the next portal.

You will have to play another game of solitaire. Cross the bridge. After the battle try to take the dam apart.

Use the can to capture the flies across the two screens. Collect some rocks. Find two pine branches. Find two stone styluses.

Get the magic spell. Move to the left screen and try to use the boat. Collect the wood planks and the nails, across both screens. Place the nails and the planks in the boat, and cast the spell.

Use the boat Collect the pieces of the glass stained frame. Place the frame in the upper right corner. Collect the piece of the great key. Just like before use the crystal in the device, do the copy game, and the laser puzzle.

Here is the solution to the laser puzzle: Cyan laser Go outside and you will need to do another solitaire game. Talk to the wisp.

Attempt to enter the castle, buy you will get into a battle. Collect the fan blades, and fan bases. Cast a spell to fix the fans.

You need something to go on top of the device. Collect the sphere from just above the arch over the door. Place the fans in the glowing spots on each line.

Enter the door. Take the page out of the book. Put the page under the microscope. Collect the parts for the time machine.

Now collect the switches you need for the elevator. Use the elevator. Try using the panel. Collect the key parts.

Put the keys in the panel, and then collect all the gears. You will have to do a battle now. Get the Key piece, and go back to the library.

Now that you are back in the library its the same old routine. Device, copy game, laser puzzle. Collect the parts you need to fix the control panel.

Once everything is collected put it in the control panel. The puzzle is a Hanoi tower style puzzle, you need to get all the rings to to the top.

Once you advance try and enter the cave. You will need to make a wand of light. Collect: Bones, feathers, a shaft, the skill of a 6 horned beast, yellow stones.

Cast a spell to make the wand. Check the cave. Create a potion for the stone golem. Create the potion.

Enter the cave Wake up the dragon You will need to fight him. Find an eye, the frame, two wires, gears, and a piece of glass to make the magic lens.

Exit the cave and use the lens to find the missing treasure. Also give him the letter. Find the nine cards, and hand them to the dragon.

Once you gather the pieces put them together, It's easy if you start with the spike wing parts. Head outside and talk to the messenger. Click on the buttons around the gate to turn the lights on, and then open the gearbox up.

Find all the gears. Once you get in the gates you will have to battle. Now you need to click the colors that are being sown in the circle quickly.

Now place the gems on the pillars that rose. Die Hard To Kiss. Beach Kiss. New Games. Hidden Expedition: Everest. Access Code: Heaven. Pokemon Tower Defense.

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